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Project Notes

The project information screen is broken into Tabs. The first one, Project Notes, can contain a Title, Author and Notes field that will be saved in the TempoWeave project as well as any generated WIF files.

Project Information


Project Sizing

The basics for Sizing are available here. There is another Project Calcuation worksheet coming in a future release that will populate these basic values.

Dimensions can be tracked in English or Metric. Some Metric support is not fully functional at this time.

Ends per Inch and Picks per Inch default to 12. Set these to the proper values so that they can be used to automatically show sizes as you design your project. This is especially useful in section assembly.

The Warp Ends in WIF reflect the total ends that have been defined in the actual threading for the current WIF. There is a planned field that can be used to enter then number of ends you plan to use. For example, if your WIF had 20 ends in the threading section, and you planned to repeat that 10 times you could enter 200 as the planned ends in WIF.

The first value beside Width in Reed is based on the warp ends in the WIF and the ends per inch setting. If you have entered a planned warp ends value, then the Planned Width in the Reed will automatically calculate.

The Half Width is a handy calculation for measuring from the center point out when starting to Sley the Reed.

The first value beside Weft Ends in WIF reflects the number of weft picks that have been defined in the current WIF. Similarly to the planned warp ends, if you want to enter the number of weft picks planned for the entire project, you can do so. The length will calculate based on the PPI setting and number of picks.

Heddle Count

Heddle Counts per shaft are based on the warp ends in the WIF.

Color Information and Color Lookup

Under development