Cloth Construction

Specify Normal, Double Cloth or Double Weave Options

The primary reason for entering Cloth Construction is to enable the cloth viewer (cloth sim, under the View menu option) to properly display the rendering of the generated cloth.

The cloth construction defaults to Normal:

For double weave, it is assumed that a single, integrated cloth is being woven with the top and bottom layers interchanging. For double weave, the weaver specifies the shuttle sequence of starting with either the top or bottom layer.

Double Cloth, cloth that is woven using half the width and produces a fold on either the left or right side is specified by either selecting "B,T,T,B" for weaving the bottom layer, top layer one direction, top layer the coming back, followed by the bottom layer once again over and over. A custom sequence can also be entered. Sometimes with color and weave and double cloth, more than one shuttle is used requiring a sequence such as TBBTBTTB .

Double cloth opens additonal fields for entry to allow specification of the shafts that are weaving the top layer: For a 4-shaft design, as shown below, only 4 shafts are made available. A 32-shaft design, for example, would require entering the top layer shafts and all 32 shafts are available for selection.

These fields are specified by the weaver such that the cloth will render properly in cloth sim under the View option. When a double cloth is generated by TempoWeave (see Create Double Cloth), the settings for the cloth construction are updated accordingly.

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