Making Changes to My Yarns

Use the Right Click on a color to reveal and extra menu with options as shown below.

Delete a color entry, or range of selected color entries, by selecting Delete Selection.

The Add Selection to Palette does the same action as clicking the icon at the above to Add Selection.

The Replace Selection in Palette causes the selected color in your current palette to be replaced with the color selected from MyYarns.

Double clicking a yarn entry brings up the same options to adjust color, name, order and yards per pound as when adding a new color.

To delete colors or categories, the delete key may be used for the selection. Be careful as there is no warning or undo! If you accidentally delete more than you want, close the My Yarns without saving. When TempoWeave is reopened, the latest changes will not be there.

See the section Importing and Exporting MyYarns more information on making a backup copy of MyYarns.

To reorder colors or categories, use the order field to force a resequencing. For example, in the following entry, 1000 was added to the prior color order each time add color was clicked with the "Light Teal" selected.

When the order field is changed from 2010 to 200,

Clicking Refresh will cause the list to be reordered and renumbered.

Remember to click SAVE to save your changes to MyYarns.

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