Design Repeats

A Faster Way to Copy
Design Repeats Icon

Using the select and copy functions, areas of warp and weft can be selected and copied. The Design Repeats provides some options that can make copying faster.

Quick Repeats Tab

Starting with a simple example, the Quick Repeats tab allows a quick selection of all the Warp and/or Weft and allows a specified number of repeats.

Quick Repeats Options
Repeats for Warp and Weft

In the above example the Warp is to be repeated 3 times and will measure 7.3 inches (based on EPI from Project Info | Sizing). Similarly you can see the length based on 20 repeats and the number of threads. Once Apply is clicked, the changes are reflected in the design.

Tip: Ctrl-Z will undo the copy.

Copy + Tab

The Copy + tab allows selection of any range of warp or weft threads, and do a normal copy, mirroed or reverse copy to a specified location.

In addition, the number of times to repeat that copy can be added, a hard stop specified and color either included or not.

Options to replace (the default), overlay or insert are shown, but the overlay and insert options will be available in a later release.

Copy + with Mirror Selection

In the above example, suppose you want to create a mirror image of the warp from 1 to 44, and place that mirror starting at number 45. Click Apply to the above and the WIF changes as follows:

Mirror Image

The Copy + functions are powerful and can allow some fast manipulation of designs.

TempoWeave does not yet support copying from Warp to Weft and visa-versa. This will option will be included in a later release.