Warp Winding Plan

Preparation for Winding (Measuring) the Warp

When winding warp chains or preparing sectional warps, this feature prepares a printout that can be taken to the warping board or reel to help with accurately warping the planned colors.

Based on the threading and colors in the WIF, a screen similar to the following is presented. The print button can be used for a printout.

Warp Chain Winding Helper

In the example above, the WIF (starting at thread 1) calls for 17 blue warp threads, followed by holding a color named orange red and another named blue together and winding 26 times (for a total of 52 additional warp ends). Next there are 48 threads of blue, then a two-color alternating sequence of Aqua and Blue wound 36 times for a total of 72 more warp ends, etc.

As it is very common to use alternating colors, TempoWeave identifies these alternating pairs of 2 colors to make it easier to accurately wind color pairs as well as singles.

A later feature will detect more color patterns, such as repeating colors of 4.