Warp Repeat

1st option in Warp Group

Selecting Repeat under the Warp Icon reveals the following panel that allows selection of a from and through warp thread, along with options of where to start a repeating sequence and how to handle the repeat.

The from and to threads can be typed in or filled automatically by selecting an area with the selection tool. By default, the start thread under "To" will be set equal to the from through thread plus 1. In the above screenshot, warp threads 1 through 3 are selected and the default is to start the repeats at thread 4. The To Start Thread can be changed.

Set the number of repeats as desired.

After tabbing out of the number of repeats field, the end thread and width will be calculated for you. The end thread is the ending thread of the repeats. This can be useful if you want to have the software help you determine how many repeats to use to reach a certain thread number in your design. The width is the total width of the warp in the reed, not the width of the repeating section. As you change the number of repeats, the width will change according to any additional threads being added.

The options area lists regular, advancing and decreasing. If advancing or descreasing is selected, a Step field is available. The default step is "1".

To include colors from the copied threads, check the include color box.

Click apply to perform the repeats.

For example, if warp threads 1 through 3 are selected to be copied starting at warp 4, advancing with a step of 1, the following result will be obtained. Note that the first repeat of 1-2-3 goes to 2-3-4, etc.

Notice that you can also click in other tabs for the Quick Repeat and the Weft Repeat. This same function is also available on the Design menu option under an icon labelled "Design Repeats".

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