Finding and Opening Files

In the column under "Open", click to access either recent designs, folders or to open a browse window. If you do not see these options, then the screen is scrolled down where it is showing more designs or folders, simply scroll back to the top to see the options.

Under Recent Designs, the most 30 recent files are displayed in the right panel. Any weaving design opened or saved is included in the recent designs list. The links can be clicked to open the file.

Under Recent Folders, up to 30 recently used folders are displayed. When clicked, the File Explorer opens to that folder where a design can be selected to open.

Pressing Browse allows navigation to any folder or drive on the computer. The default location starts at the folder that is defined as the default location in the Settings. Once a weaving draft is opened using the Browse function, the recent designs and recent folders are updated accordingly.

If TempoWeave is the default program for opening WIF files, a file can also be opened directly from File Explorer or an attachment in email. More than one design can be opened in TempoWeave at one time. To switch between open files, see Switching Between Open Weaving Designs.

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