Thickness Repeats

Define thick and thin threads

Thickness of threads defaults to "4". The range of thickness values are from 1 to 16, with 16 being the largest.

Individual threads can be resized by clicking into the area above color. To either view a summary of all thickness, or apply a pattern of values, this menu option is used.

The first selection is warp or weft. Once selected, the current thickness panel at the right shows the thickness of each thread; a scroll bar may be needed to view all the threads.

If a change is desired, note the starting thread (default is 1), then enter either the number of repeats for the pattern or the ending thread.

The following screen shows selecting a pattern of thickness; use the drop down arrows to select the thickness number. If Size 2 and Size 8 are selected and Apply Thickness Pattern is pressed, then the threads will alternate between size 2 and 8.

Use the clear pattern button to remove the entries so that different values can be entered.

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