Warp Group

Warp Design Options

The warp group has a warp icon with drop down selections to invert, mirror and reverse.

Warp Design Options

Warp Invert - no warp threads selected

If no area is selected, the entire warp will be inverted. In the following example, this is the warp prior to selecting Warp Invert.

Before Clicking Warp Invert
After Clicking Warp Invert

Warp Invert - with area selected

If a region is selected, then only those selected threads are inverted.

Selecting a region before clicking Warp Invert
After clicking Warp Invert

Warp Mirror Selected

Select any threads within the warp to mirror. Notice that the mirroring overwrites any existing threads. If this is not desired, then insert the number of threads needed prior to mirroring.

Before Mirror Selected
After Mirror Selected

Warp Mirror All

To mirror all the warp threads, click mirror all.

Before Clicking Warp Mirror All
After Clicking Warp Mirror All

Warp Amalgamation

documentation pending