Color Replace

Replacing Colors for Warp and Weft
Icon for Color Replace

Warp and Weft Threads can always be recolored by selecting a color from the palette, and using a drawing tool, clicking or dragging in the color bars above the warp or to the right of the weft threads.

This simple color replace function can expedite recoloring by allows one or more colors to be replaced starting with a specified thread for a number of repeats or stopping at a specified thread.

Color Replace Screen

Click on any color in the palette to select the desired color, then click in one of the bars to add to the new color sequence. In the above example, purple has been selected for 2 threads, blue for 3 and yellow for 1. The example also says to repeat this starting at the 1st warp thread and stopping at thread 48.

The default ending thread when this screen is opened will show the highest warp number; this default can be easily changed as in this example. If using Num Repeats, you normally leave the ending thread as the last warp thread unless you want to do a hard stop at another warp end, regardless of whether the number of repeats has been completed.

If you want to remove one of the colors that have been applied, right click on the color. If you want to change one of the colors, change the active color and click again in the bar.

After clicking "Replace Color Pattern", the warp threads, formerly all black, look like this:

Generated Color Repalcement

In this example, the "Num Repeats" option is used to do several dark/light combinations across the warp threads.

Light Blue/ Dark Blue 15 times

Click Replace Color Pattern, then add 15 repeats of an aqua and turquoise, followed by 15 repeats of teh greens, oranges and the final brown/wine to quickly generate alternating color stripes in a shadow weave.

After Replacing 15 repeats of 5 sets of colors

Now, for the Weft yarns, a very similar process is followed. In this example, the brown/wine combination was used from Weft Thread 1 to the ending Weft Thread.

Weft Threads with Alternating Light/Dark

To replace all occurances of one specific color with another, see the color replace option in Yarn Catalog.