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If your window is not maximized, you will need to click the menu icon in the upper left corner of your screen to see the navigation panel for this documentation. This is a picture of the icon:
The documentation, under "Help By Menu Tabs", is organized based on the TempoWeave menu. Click the right arrow to expand options:
On the Project tab, for example, notice that Project Information can be expanded to a number of documents covering features:
Under general topics (scroll down on the left navigator panel to find), there are topics that are not related to specific menu items.
You can also search the documentation for any phrase or word using the Search box on the tiop right corner of this documentation:

About TempoWeave Designer

TempoWeave Designer is an application that gives the designer a platform to create weaving designs that include the draft, colors and project calculation information. TempoWeave creates the design file according to the WIF standard; Weaving designs generated to this standard can be opened and used in most any weaving design software.
The goal of TempoWeave is to provide the weaver with useful tools to quickly generate weaving designs for projects and have the freedom to easily play with structure and color.
While TempoWeave is very helpful for any weaver designing projects, it's especially useful for users of TempoTreadle. With TempoTreadle, having a repeat of the threading and treadling with all the color changes is very useful for easier setup and weaving.
TempoWeave runs on the Windows operating system and does not run on an iPad. For hardware requirements, see this page: Hardware Recommendations.
This documentation assumes the weaver has familiarity with the format of weaving drafts.
Update as of January 28th, 2023: TempoWeave can be purchased at LoftyFiber under the link TempoTreadle. It is currently in Beta for a nominal charge of $1. The Beta version has an expiration date. The first official release is coming soon!
*** Please check back frequently as this documentation is currently under construction ***
Also, new videos are available on learn.loftyfiber.com in the course, Designing with TempoWeave.
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