Block Substitution

Apply weave structures to a profile draft

To use block substitution, open or create a profile draft. A profile draft can be a 2-block design with 2-shafts and treadles, or have additional shafts and treadles for more blocks.

Save your profile draft, then select one of the weave structures and click Generate. A new draft will be opened in a new window with the block substitution applied. The new draft can be saved or simply closed to return to the profile draft.

See this following profile draft with two blocks, thus two shafts:

The draft must be given a name and saved before using block substitution.

Click the block substitution button on the Design menu to see the panel of available blocks or unit weaves.

The additional structures will be added in future releases. Click on a column heading to sort alphabetically.

To filter and show only certain types, click on the filter icon (circled) and click on the weave type:

To use block substitution, select the name and click Generate. A new window will open with the generated design with the substitution. If you want to keep the design, do a Save As. If you do not want to keep it, simply close the window and you'll be returned to the profile draft where you can try another block.

In the example below, the profile above had Satin 4 chosen and generated:

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