Warp Selection: Shifting Threads in the Warp

To Shift threads in the Warp, highlight a selection and choose either Shift Up or Shift Down. This document shows Shift Up, but down works the same, just in the other direction.

This 8-shaft draft has 6-warp threads selected; under teh Warp menu, Shift Up is highlighted.

After clicking Shift Up once, the six warp threads are all one shaft higher; the selection remains in place so that the threads can be shifted again, repeatedly, if desired. When threads are shifted up, they will eventually wrap back to shaft one. If you want the threads to wrap before reaching the maximum shaft, draw the box only as high as you highest shaft before wrapping.

NOTE: In a future release, a feature will be added to make this repeat multiple times. For example, if you wanted to be able to shift up 4 times so that the threads that were on shafts 1-4 now are on 5-8, you could do this without reselecting.

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