Project Information-Planning-Setup

The Setup information has the unit of measurement, sett and optional reed and raddle information. The unit of measurement and sett is used in many areas of TempoWeave for showing width and length, so it's recommended that this be entered for each project.

Project units can be selected in English (Imperial) or Metric. This setting applies throughout the project, although a reed from a different system can be used.

Reed and Raddle settings are also on this Setup screen. These options are also available on the Tools Menu. Please refer to the documentation on these options under Reed Sley Selection and Calculator and Raddle Sley Selection and Calculator.

To view and print Reed or Raddle Charts, click the Reed Chart or Raddle Chart button. Reed charts will only print the reeds in the measurement system selected on Edit Reed Options. Raddle charts are available only for the LoftyFiber Raddle (4 spaces per inch) and the Louet Built-n Raddle (.5 spaces per cm).

This is a snapshot of the printout for an English red chart:

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