Weft Repeats

1st Option in Weft Group

Weft repeats has the same options as Warp Repeats. A From and To Thread field allow typing of the weft numbers. Alternatively, the selection tool can be used to select weft threads. When the selection tool is used, the from and to threads will automatically be filled in.

The "To" area allowed the starting thread to be filled in where the repeats will begin. By default, the start To thread will be equal to the from "to" plus 1.

Enter the number of repeats.

Once the number of repeats is entered, the ending thread for the repeats will be calculated and the length of the entire WIF will be automatically shown. Note that this is not necessarly the length of the repeating area.

The option to perform a regular repeat, advancing or decreasing repeat is available. Once Advancing or Decreasing is selected, a Step option is available:

Click Apply to perform the repeats, Close to close the Repeat panel.

At the top, tabs to perform the quick repeat or warp repeat are also available.

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