Version History

Release Notes

4.6.4 update released June 4, 2024

New Features:

  • Added new Line Draw Tool

  • Added several New Diagonal Shift options in Tie-Up

Bugs Fixed:

  • Disable certain Tie-Up Functions on Design Menu when a Lift Plan was in use.

  • Select Special - selecting over 1000 threads showed a comma in number

  • Fixed small bug in print function that was causing Zoom and certain hotkeys to not work after printing.


  • Changed the cursor to an outline when using the block cursors because you could not easily tell whether the cell is selected or not when it's solid red. This is especially important when working in the tie-up, but also useful in the threading and drawdown.

  • Made changes to the Print functions to allow printing multiple items without having to call up the Print menu after each one. (print functions stay visible on print menu)

4.4.14 update released April 14, 2024

Bugs Fixed:

  • Urgent Bug: On some versions of Windows, printing the Project would give an error that the project template file was not found.

4.4.12 update released April 12, 2024

New Features:

Bugs Fixed:

  • Clear Threads did not always work properly in some situations.


  • Reed and Raddle sley charts can now be selected from a list.

  • Previously, when you highlight warp and do a Shift Up or Down from the Design menu, the area does not remain selected after the action is completed. Now the user could perform the shift several times without having to reselect. If you right click, and select from the pop-up menu, we will clear the selection for you. So depending on your intentions you have both options now.

4.1.14 update released Jan 14, 2024

New Features:

  • Single Instance of TempoWeave improves performance and reduces resources. Launching a WIF from Explorer now opens in the current running instance of TempoWeave instead of launching a new copy.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed issue where Echo not properly saving colors in some cases.

  • Other various bugs


  • Now supports 38,000 weft threads for super large projects.

  • License Validation Dialog Updates

  • New Weft Color Plan printout to show counts of weft color changes Weft Color Plan

3.12.21 update released Oct 26, 2023

Bugs Fixed:

  • Blank Weft Threads in marked area for Section Assembly causes crash on generate.

  • Typo in the label for PPI on the Drawdown Screen

  • Other various bugs


  • License Validation Dialog Updates

3.12.20 update released Aug 24, 2023

New Features:

  • Added PPI / EPI to the Drawdown Status bar

  • Added Width in Reed and Woven Length to Drawdown Status Bar

Bugs Fixed:

  • ExportTT function now includes project INI file for faster loading

  • Typo in the label for PPI on the Drawdown Screen

  • Other various bugs


  • License Validation Dialog Updates

3.12.17 update released June 27, 2023

New Features:

  • Export to TempoTreadle

  • Subscription support and License Validation in preparation for Final Beta

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fix Edit Color on Active Palette

  • Fix crash when over-select past Weft/Warp Row height boundary

  • Fix Load weft issue that ignores invalid treadles

  • Fixed various other small bugs

  • Fixed Spot Bronson issue on Block Substitution


  • Moved Layout config to configPath

  • Weft Length calculations in Project Planning use WIF length if no target finished size or override length is used.

  • Update About Box

  • Planning Dimensions - if number of pieces isn't entered, 1 is used; also if the target finished length isn't entered, the estimated current wif finished length is used for the yarn requirements calculations on the Yarn Reqs and Color Information.

3.12.6 update released February 1, 2023

New Features:

  • Added Licensing management in preparation for full release.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed an issue in Convert to Lift plan whereby weft threads could be missing if there were fewer shafts than treadles and ONLY the high end treadles(shafts) were tied actioned.

  • Fixed an issue with Fold Double that affected some projects with odd numbered warp threads.

  • Fixed a crash when comma appears in large-numbered Design Repeats.


  • Migrated all code to newest framework in preparation for end of beta After converting from Lift plan to Tie-up, turn off Multi-Treadling as default.

  • Added Color numbers to Valley Mercerized Cottons

  • Updated new Euroflax Color Name - changed Steel Grey to Periwinkle Grey

  • Change Operating System target from 32bit to 64bit to improve performance and memory usage. Note: This may create an installation issue with customers that use TempoWeave on older computers. Contact us if this causes you a problem.

2.20.1 update released December 16, 2022

New Features:

  • Updates to software distribution features in preparation for move from Beta to Release!

  • Final Beta period set to fully end by April 15.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Adjusted threading flag on WIF when creating LiftPlan vs Converting to LiftPlan. This fixed a loading bug in certain other weave design software.

  • Fixed issue with Color Pattern Draw when the color is added before the structure


  • On M1 Macs when running on Parallels, there was an issue in Recent Files features. New Mac updates have fixed this problem.

  • Relabel Multi-Pedal Treadle to Multi-Treadle to avoid confusion.

2.19.3 update released September 23, 2022

New Features:

  • View Structure option is now available on the View menu bar

Bugs Fixed:

  • Crash when invalid characters in Reorder Treadles

  • Fixed issue with Color Pattern Draw when the color is added before the structure


  • New Yarns added to Yarn Catalog

  • Improvements to Reorder Treadle dialog Give a warning when invalid treadles on Reorder Treadle

  • Dobby: Improved Cloth rendering while weaving

  • Dobby: Improved Zoom on Dobby Screen

2.18.2 update released June 19, 2022

New Features:

  • New Dobby features:

    • Synchronized Cloth rendered while weaving

    • Zoom cloth on Dobby Screen

    • New feature to Repeat Last Pick (forward or reverse)

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed: Crash while editing a color used in Color Assembly

  • Fixed: Default Black thread gives incorrect warp thread count in some instances


  • Project Information Dialog enhancements

  • Wording Change on Color Repeats Warning when Repeats are Zero on Design Repeats

  • TempoWeave now gives startup warning if Beta or License expired to insure you don't make changes and lose them

2.17.1 update released Mar 15, 2022

Bugs Fixed:

  • Trap for non-numeric in Color Repeats bug

  • Clicking in Drawdown when Select Tool sometimes causes an issue

  • Repeat of a color 72 times doesn't work unless on a group

  • Convert to Lift Plan Cancel Button did not always work properly

  • Reducing Shafts or Treadles may not always paint cloth correctly

  • Adding single Color using Yarn Catalog bug

  • Trap for Error Message bug

  • View Shortcut Lost on Quick Render bug

  • Crash on Section assembly - weft color

  • Enable Color Assembly - Copy Weft bug


  • Project Information Dialog enhancements

  • New Field in Project Information - Sample enhancement

  • Project Information-Planning-Dimensions - Rearrange enhancement

  • Comment on Yarn Calc Screen enhancement

2.16.4 update released December 15, 2021

New Features:

  • Support for blank treadle on non-huck block substitution

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed issue where number of shafts or treadles are reduced, the high warp/weft mark needs to be reset. Fixed issue where Full Screen button on Window menu does not work.


  • Reordered several items on Project planning screen

2.15.1 update released October 3, 2021

New Features:

  • Block Substation is in Alpha (pre-beta) and being tested before releasing to beta in a few days.

  • TempoWeave Application size and position now stays were you had it after last close.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed bug where Recent File history wasn't updated if the file was already in recent history. Now it's moved to the top as expected.

  • Fixed bug in Remove Thread for WEFT. Color was getting out of sync.

  • Fixed minor bug in Section Assembly where it would add a section without a group.

  • Fixed crash in Arrange Treadles if any positions (treadles) were left blank.

  • Fixed several other minor bugs fixed that had not been reported.


  • Added feature on color repeats to populate color repeat table from the colors in the warp or weft.

2.14.3 update released September 13, 2021

New Features:

  • We have totally revamped the Recent File history feature to use a modern Microsoft Office style Open/Save/Print feature set. You now have the ability to PIN often used designs and even Folders for opening or saving your drafts. There are many more features forth coming here, including design preview and browse including an image. (Full documentation is pending update)

  • Note: Block Substation is in Alpha (pre-beta) and being tested before releasing to beta in a few days.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed issue in Color Pattern Draw feature where in some cases the colors were saved incorrectly and lost.

  • Fixed issue where the System Settings Dialog ignores Cancel on Folder Browser.

  • Several other minor bugs fixed that had not been reported.


  • Improved Section Assembly where the user may forget to put a color in one of the color entries and simply defaults to the first color in the palette. We now initialize the color to BLACK instead of White so that you can see it better

  • You now have the option to show the Warp and Weft threads in color. Specifically, on the view screen, you can allow selection of a colored non-numeric warp and weft.

  • When marking threads in Section Assembly we now automatically adjust Section Markers for Insert/Delete thread functions as you would expect it to work.

2.12.8 update released August 1, 2021

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed Close Form Cancel option. When you tried to cancel out of the File Save-As dialog, it would close the WIF without saving. This was fixed to properly cancel the save-as and keep the WIF open.

  • Fixed issue with Print Warp Winding plan when colors exceeds structure

  • Fixed - Delete was allowed on right click of a yarn in the Master Yarn lines... that should only have been available on MyYarns.

  • Fixed - Print Winding did not show last color set when last color set exceeds last structure thread by more than 2 positions.

  • Fixed - First color in weft yarn was sometimes wrong on hover.

  • Fixed - Needed to correct Check Keyboard Shortcuts when naming Groups in Section Assembly - Beta Tester reported that using letter "V" (view) in naming sections/groups in Section assembly pops up the View Cloth. We need to also check other keyboard shortcuts.

  • Fixed - Color change on active palette - When you changed a color by selecting it in the active palette, it did not always map and save properly. It only worked properly if you changed in the color palette instead.

2.12.5 update released July 7, 2021

New Features:

  • Convert Lift-plan to Tie-up now available


  • When drawing weft with large numbers of shafts/treadles and at a high zoom, the drawing / insert threads is now very smooth and not jumpy.

Bugs Fixed:

  • When inserting threads in warp or weft, leave thread blank and do not duplicate the structure

  • When selecting threads for section assembly in Warp, the selected area was sometimes off by one on some screen resolutions.

2.12.2 update released July 1, 2021

Bugs Fixed:

  • Section Assembly - copy thread thickness when assembling section.

  • Fixed Copy & Paste Color bar sometimes off by 1

  • Fixed Section Assembly Marker off by one thread on some computer display configurations

  • Fixed Shift-Del hotkey didn't work when scrolled Fixed Color Swap from section assembly would crash in some instances

2.12.1 update released June 6, 2021

Note: If you are having issues with installation, please see this:

New Features:

  • Automatic TempoWeave application updates. Instead of emailing application updates, TempoWeave will now automatically let you know when a new software update is available. This will help insure you're always running on the latest release. You will have the ability to pause updates or change the schedule of the update check if you like. This should also improve issues that some customers have with antivirus warnings during the installation process.

  • Warp and Weft selections can now be cancelled using ESC key.


  • Section Assembly - copy thread thickness when assembling section.

  • Improved TempoWeave startup time including an instant splash screen.

  • Improved the Active color palette including auto-updating the devider between the Active Palette and the main Color Palette.

  • Projects Dialog - Added Finished Estimate width and length Improved design repeats function.

  • Tieup - changed the tieup shift functions to wrap by default. Holding Shift key during Shift operation will still do shift without wrap.

  • Warp and Weft selections will now persist while scrolling through the drawdown.

  • Color repeats now has an insert function.

  • Improved function of the Warp and Weft repeat tool.

  • Moved Prepare Threading feature to the Dobby menu area.

  • Warp Spread dialog box no longer closes immediately after each spread.

  • In Design Repeats and Quick Repeats, we now automatically uncheck the box for warp and weft after clicking apply to end potential confusion.

  • Color Repeats will now show the total repeats in the editor.

  • Arrange Treadles tool has new labels for better clarity.

  • Added a Cancel button to section assembly section editor.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed bug causing WEFT colors applied with Color Repeat that would sometimes not save properly.

  • Fixed various bugs in Dobby controller.

  • Fixed a bug with Selection INSERT.

  • Fixed a display issue in Cloth View for tubular double weave.

  • Fixed an issue in Weft Repeat where a crash would happen above 999 repeats when a comma was in the repeats box.

  • Fixed a bug in section assembly section editor that could cause a crash if you blank the sections and use the X to close the dialog instead of OK Button.

2.10.9 update released Apr 18, 2021

New Features:

  • Color Replace is named Color Repeats with expanded capabilities including number of repeats per color, mirroring color repeats, ratio distributions, fibonacci support, starting and ending areas for color repeats.

  • For Liftplan - new feature to change face, reversing all the selected shafts when using a liftplan. If no selection is made, change face on all. Note that selections need not cover all the shafts.

  • Dobby - Added support for dobby looms. Initial release only supports the Louet classic Dobby (Magic, Megado, Octado) as well as Dobby 2.0 (Megado). Other loom drivers are on our roadmap. The next release will included several more dobby control options.


  • Section Assembly - copy thread thickness when assembling section.

  • Convert to LiftPlan no longer forces rename: When clicking convert to liftplan and the tie-up is empty or has a direct tie-up, we no longer prompt to save before appending the "-LP".

  • Design Repeats now has a checkbox to allow including thread thickness.

  • Clothview save image feature will now default saved image to "JPG" file.

  • Print Tieup option is now improved and makes better use of paper size.

  • Remove Color Replace Icon on Yarn Catalog as this was confusing customers who simply wanted to replace the palette. The ability to replace a single color is till available by right-click on color in the catalog after first selecting the color item in the palette you would like to replace.

  • changed 3D shadow to light gray for better clarity

Bugs Fixed:

  • removed html attributes when over on Close button

  • in some cases the hover text over a color was not correct after a color replace or color repeat.

  • remove extraneous label on Project Setup dialog.

2.9.58 update released Feb 07, 2021

New Features:

  • Thread Thickness - You can now edit thread thickness as well as apply advanced repeat patterns. Special Render Thickness button can be used to view until this feature is added to standard clothview and clothsim (coming in next update)

  • Added computer system information and support button on Help | About to make it easier and quicker to send support information.


  • Added file path and name to print headers

  • Updated Yarn Colors including Wasabi

  • Automatically switch to straight draw tool after selecting color palette

  • Keyboard Shortcut "V" for View (clothview)

  • Keyboard Shortcut "M" for marking a section for Section Assembly

  • Enable Up/Down arrow when using keyboard on WEFT.

  • When entering Weft threads by keyboard, allow same same thread entry when set for multi-pedal. Also ENTER key moves down one row.

  • Changed Save-AS logic when saving from an existing wif to use the current directory of the WIF that's currently loaded

Bugs Fixed:

  • fix bug related to splashscreen when using double weave or double cloth

  • Fixed Print Winding header/footer issue

  • Fixed - If you select a yarn line from yarn catalog and click the add, you get the "are you sure" message. If you click no, it removes but doesn't add.

  • Fixed - Hitting Cancel when prompted for a Save on "Go" in Wif Assembly causes crash Crash

  • Fixed - Inserting thread a right most position of warp causes crash in some situations.

  • Fixed - Undo on Tromp as Writ now will undo the Color that was added to Weft threads

2.9.51 update released Jan 07, 20201

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed issue when clicking a single thread (without drawing) causes two threads to be added. This was introduced in the new free draw smoothing feature.

2.9.45 update released Jan 03, 20201

New Features:

  • Export and Import of MyYarns in Yarn Catalog


  • Color Swap - New selection to allow to only perform for warp or weft

  • Free draw option now works much more smoothly

  • Added option to print header cloth, warp, weft.

  • Improved layout of warp On clothsim: crop image to proper dimension using shortest dimension

  • Warp Spread now also works on Liftplans

  • Warn user if unsaved changes to MyYarns

  • Reports: Allow selection of date and file name to be excluded in printouts

  • Arrange Treadles now works for Liftplans Improve readability of threading printout

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed UNDO for Mirror functions

  • Clear on Tie-Up clearing entire tieup after copy and paste of color

  • Using Create Double Cloth feature and then not saving the draft still updates EPI in the source WIF

  • Print Warp Sequence Total now only appears on last page

2.9.41 update released Dec 20, 2020

New Features:


  • Added warning on Arrange Treadles for Liftplan

  • Section Assembly - automatic updates now occur without having to hit refresh button

  • Change color category Add Selection dialog

Bugs Fixed:

  • Copy Warp in Section Assembly crashes it you don't first do a refresh

  • Section Assembly Rename Issue in Weft

  • Select Special when at Zoom level 9 or 10 needed tuning

  • Using select special does not allow you to do a copy. Nothing is in the clipboard

  • When you change from front to back view on Cloth View, keep the same zoom level

2.9.39 update released Dec 13, 2020

New Features:

  • Implemented Flip Weft (horizontal)

  • Implemented Arrange Treadles (supports tie-up only, liftplan support in next release)

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed Print Winding after insert thread

  • Fixed Color Picker on Insert Thread in Warp

  • Fixed bug in Warp Color selection when scrolled horizontally

  • Fixed Cloth View so that when you change from front to back, keeps the same zoom level

  • Fixed Color Picker on My Yarns does not work if color has empty value

  • Fixed crash on color swap in certain situations.

  • Fixed issue where you can't rename Weft groups in section assembly

2.9.36 update released Dec 6, 2020

This release fixes several issues reported during the last three months and adds several new features and improvements.

New Features:

  • Print Treadling has been improved to auto-size with multiple columns if there is room

  • Added ability to set Default Save location for new WIF's

  • Added Numeric Tieup/Warp/Weft default in System Settings

  • Warp / Weft Reverse functions now include thread color

  • Weft Flip function added (Flip Horizontal)

  • Changed Max Warp/Weft from 40 to 64

  • Echo feature now has undo capability

  • Ctrl+ and Ctrl- now also works with Ctrl_ and Ctrl= (needed for some keyboards)

  • Insert and Delete keys can now be used to insert color in warp and weft. On a Mac, Fn-Enter is insert.

  • Zoom features should now work on keyboard number pad

  • Zoom with Scroll Wheel now also works for Shift Scroll and Ctrl Scroll (as in CAD's)

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed crash on Tieup undo that occured in some instances

  • Fixed bug causing Shaft and Treadle settings not to be saved if you select another tab before saving

  • Fixed bug in Warp/Weft Color selection undo which could erase the Warp/Weft threads as well as color

  • Made a change which should help some that are having problems Cloth Sim

  • Fixed bug in Weft paste if there were multiple treadles

  • Fixed bug in Print Winding where black threads at the very end were not included if the warp thread count was less than 150.

  • Fixed bug in Color Swap that affected the Color Name on hover

  • Fixed typo in menu reading Shalfts to Shafts

  • ...other minor unreported bugs fixed.

2.9.23 update released November 8, 2020

This release fixes several issues reported during the last three months and adds several new features and improvements.

New Features:

  • Repeats: Advancing/Decreasing Warp and Weft repeats with step option

  • Convert to lifeplan now works on new WIF's without making you save first

  • Rainbow cursor when multi Color Draw is enabled

  • CTRL-+ and CTRL-- now works in Cloth View like it does in drawdown

Bugs Fixed:

  • In Project Information dialog, change Color Info column header from "Yardage" to "Amount" when Metric UOM set

  • Fixed Cloth Sim load issue when Windows username contains a space or special character

  • Fixed Cloth View double cloth options

  • Fixed bug in paste to weft from warp

  • Fixed bug in copy/paste on Weft with vertical scroll

  • Fixed pattern presets for network drafting lift-plan

  • In Default Settings, force the treadles be equal to the shafts when lift-plan is set

  • Fixed bug in Tie-up Invert function

  • Fixed Section Marker flashing issue on slower computers

  • Fixed an issue in Color Replace when colors were blanked

  • Changed default Quick Repeat to 0 repeats instead of 1 so that current cloth size is reflected with no repeats

  • Fixed bug in the way thread spacing was read and saved (only relevant if saving WIF's created in other weave design packages

2.9.9 update released September 28, 2020

This release fixes several issues reported during the last three months and adds several new features and improvements.

New Features:

  • Cloth Viewer. This is a new flat view of finished cloth that shows the entire cloth. In a future release we will include support for double-cloth and double-weave similar to what we have in Cloth Sim 3D view

  • Yardage calculation by thread color added to Color Info tab in Project Information

  • Added warning before replace Color Assembly entries with Warp/Weft

  • Repeat Warp / Weft options now on menu and separated

  • Warp/Weft reverse now works on all threads if nothing selected

  • Simplified Design Repeats option: Quick Repeat / Warp Repeat / Weft Repeat on separate tabs

  • Addressed Color Palette tooltip flicker when hovering with mouse on some computers

  • Changed Section Assembly temp name to utilize same folder and naming scheme as master WIF with default to "_assembly.wif" appended.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed Mirror on weft

  • Fixed issues in Clear Palette

  • Fixed issues in Color Swap

  • Fixed AddTabby when leading with the tabby pick

  • Other smaller bugs fixed.

2.8.6 update released August 30, 2020

New Features:

  • Network Drafting - support for warp and weft design lines, plotting on predefined or custom networks; support for lift plan "cut and paste" ribbons with pattern presets

  • Color Swap (replace all occurrences of a color in a WIF with another)

  • Color Pattern Draw (select a color sequence and draw it on warp or weft)

  • Many Project Calculations enhancements

  • Added Color Picker for the MyYarn Catalog

  • Tie-Up: Diagonal (twill) repeats at selected intervals

  • Mirror, Reverse, Invert Warp, Mirror for Weft

  • Grid Overlay settings saves to project wif

  • Customizable Quick Access Toolbar - You can now save your favorite menu options to the quick access toolbar.

  • New easier Active window selector (for switching between multiple WIFs)

  • Tie-up operations with Right-click

  • Make Tie-up operations work on all threads if nothing selected.

  • Added Supreme 8-2 Colors to deployed Yarn Catalog

Bugs Fixed:

  • fixed undo option for Quick Repeat

  • fixed bug in Calc Total Weft Required if there was no override

  • Improved warp color selection when zoom level below 7 (zoomed out)

  • Do not clear color selections on color replace panel on open/close

  • fix bug in Copy & Paste where the second paste would not work in some situations

  • Allow Warp Spread dialog to remain open until finished with all spreads.

2.5.7 update released May 30, 2020

Bug Fixed:

  • Deployed yarn catalog file that was mistakenly left out of previous release

2.5.6 update released May 30, 2020

New Features:

  • Added Sley Pattern Calculator

  • Added MyYarns Catalog

  • Added TempoWeave Color Names to custom WIF section

  • Added color name and Yarn Line option to palette

  • Added context menu to Yarn Catalog and MyYarns

  • Added Menu options for Tie-up and Warp manipulations (Weft coming)

  • Enabled color lookup in active palette

  • Improved warp color sequence report to show yarn line color names if they exist

  • Added planning calculator to Project dialog

  • Added planning Targets & Drivers to Project dialog

  • Added color names to Weave Assembly

  • Added project color information list

  • Added ability ro render Double Cloth and Tubular Cloth in Cloth Sim viewer

  • Improved Cloth Sim for single layer cloth

  • Added Print Threading, Treadling and Tieup

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed Weave Assembly edit

  • Fixed bug where WIF would not load if there were no treadles or threads defined

  • Fixed crash on tieup rotate

  • Fixed Copy to Palette

  • Fixed small bug in Rotate right 90 and Reverse in Tieup menu

  • Improved selection box

  • Adjusted warp reverse and invert to better respect horizontal scroll

  • Fixed warp shift left/right

  • Fixed bug in Weave Assembly where a blank color could cause a crash

  • Added warning when deleting yarns from the yarn catalog

2.3.6 update released

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed a critical bug that would cause TempoWeave to crash on startup if you had your default number of shafts set to less than 6. This only occurred if was the Default Shafts setting.

2.3.5 update released

New Features:

  • Create Double Cloth

    • fold left, fold right and tubular

    • TBBT, BTTB, or custom pattern single shuttle

  • New ClothSim Visualizations

    • Double-Cloth visualizations fully supported

    • next release will support visualization of double-weave

    • next release will optimize a best-fit cloth section for viewing

  • implemented WIF Version history feature

  • Added Rotate Draft to augment Turn Draft

  • Tie-Up right-click for context menu

    • Change Face

    • Invert

    • Reverse

    • Rotate Right 90 degrees

    • shift left, right, up, down

  • Now support copying Warp, Weft, and Tie-Up to a different WIF using clipboard

  • Added Clear Palette function which clears the color palette of all colors not being used (active color palette)

  • New palette color editor

    • next release will allow you to custom name

Early Preview Features:

  • Yarn DB (colors only this release)

  • Amalgamation (copy cloth region to warp)

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed turn draft for differing shaft/treadle counts

  • Fixed twa (TempoWeave Archive) structure to allow renaming of .twa files

  • Fixed bug in liftplan that caused newly added shafts to not work

  • Fixed palette RGB values shown on hover

  • Fixed many smaller bugs not listed here

2.1.6 update released

  • Initial release of Double-Cloth settings and visualization. More information coming soon to documentation.

  • Early support for Double-Weave added - new support and visualizations being added in next release

  • Corrected disabled Project dialog

  • Project Sizing information in Project Dialog updated. Many more options will be added here in next release.

  • Updated Winding Plan to include cumulative ends. Clarified column headings.

  • Can now press DEL key in Section Assembly to delete a section

2.0.5 update released

  • Winding Plan now shows color pairs.

  • Added thread count in status area when selecting a region.

  • Updated winding plant to show double color Color-Distance match algorithm in winding plan.

  • Project Sizing information in Project Dialog.

1.8.0 update released

Added Point Draw option. Added new feature called Warp Spreader. Changes to palette colors are now synced with use of those colors in Section Assembly. 1.7.6 update released: Menu's slightly rearranged. New warp mirror option on Design Repeat. New winding plan option with color repeats under Project menu.‌

1.6.8 update released

Updated section assembly. Now includes include weft color assembly to complete the basic section assembly feature.

1.6.7 update released

Updated section assembly. Added default Order to warp, weft and warp color. Closed the section assembly panel on program launch which was accidentally left open in 1.6.6. The next update will include weft color assembly to complete the section assembly feature.

1.6.6 update released

There has been some confusion regarding the previous release of TempoWeave. The latest 1.6.6 release of TempoWeave should install and run as either 32bit or 64bit depending on what your computer support. This release also contains updates for Section Assembly and Warp Color assembly. Weft color is coming next along with some videos on how to use it!

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