Version History

Release Notes

TempoWeave Weaving Design Software is currently beta software. This page will offer the limited resources we have now for training and demonstration. Check back as updates will be added frequently.‌

2.8.6 update released August 30, 2020

  • Note: Some customers are reporting they get a warning during download/installation. We are working to update our certificates. If you are having issues with installation, please see this:

  • Network Drafting - support for warp and weft design lines, plotting on predefined or custom networks; support for lift plan "cut and paste" ribbons with pattern presets

  • Color Swap (replace all occurrences of a color in a WIF with another)

  • Color Pattern Draw (select a color sequence and draw it on warp or weft)

  • Many Project Calculations enhancements

  • Added Color Picker for the MyYarn Catalog

  • Tie-Up: Diagonal (twill) repeats at selected intervals

  • Mirror, Reverse, Invert Warp, Mirror for Weft

  • Grid Overlay settings saves to project wif

  • Customizable Quick Access Toolbar - You can now save your favorite menu options to the quick access toolbar.

  • New easier Active window selector (for switching between multiple WIFs)

  • Tie-up operations with Right-click

  • Make Tie-up operations work on all threads if nothing selected.

  • Added Supreme 8-2 Colors to deployed Yarn Catalog

Bugs Fixed:

  • fixed undo option for Quick Repeat

  • fixed bug in Calc Total Weft Required if there was no override

  • Improved warp color selection when zoom level below 7 (zoomed out)

  • Do not clear color selections on color replace panel on open/close

  • fix bug in Copy & Paste where the second paste would not work in some situations

  • Allow Warp Spread dialog to remain open until finished with all spreads.

2.5.7 update released May 30, 2020

Bug Fixed:

  • Deployed yarn catalog file that was mistakenly left out of previous release

2.5.6 update released May 30, 2020

New Features:

  • Added Sley Pattern Calculator

  • Added MyYarns Catalog

  • Added TempoWeave Color Names to custom WIF section

  • Added color name and Yarn Line option to palette

  • Added context menu to Yarn Catalog and MyYarns

  • Added Menu options for Tie-up and Warp manipulations (Weft coming)

  • Enabled color lookup in active palette

  • Improved warp color sequence report to show yarn line color names if they exist

  • Added planning calculator to Project dialog

  • Added planning Targets & Drivers to Project dialog

  • Added color names to Weave Assembly

  • Added project color information list

  • Added ability ro render Double Cloth and Tubular Cloth in Cloth Sim viewer

  • Improved Cloth Sim for single layer cloth

  • Added Print Threading, Treadling and Tieup

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed Weave Assembly edit

  • Fixed bug where WIF would not load if there were no treadles or threads defined

  • Fixed crash on tieup rotate

  • Fixed Copy to Palette

  • Fixed small bug in Rotate right 90 and Reverse in Tieup menu

  • Improved selection box

  • Adjusted warp reverse and invert to better respect horizontal scroll

  • Fixed warp shift left/right

  • Fixed bug in Weave Assembly where a blank color could cause a crash

  • Added warning when deleting yarns from the yarn catalog

2.3.6 update released

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed a critical bug that would cause TempoWeave to crash on startup if you had your default number of shafts set to less than 6. This only occurred if was the Default Shafts setting.

2.3.5 update released

New Features:

  • Create Double Cloth

    • fold left, fold right and tubular

    • TBBT, BTTB, or custom pattern single shuttle

  • New ClothSim Visualizations

    • Double-Cloth visualizations fully supported

    • next release will support visualization of double-weave

    • next release will optimize a best-fit cloth section for viewing

  • implemented WIF Version history feature

  • Added Rotate Draft to augment Turn Draft

  • Tie-Up right-click for context menu

    • Change Face

    • Invert

    • Reverse

    • Rotate Right 90 degrees

    • shift left, right, up, down

  • Now support copying Warp, Weft, and Tie-Up to a different WIF using clipboard

  • Added Clear Palette function which clears the color palette of all colors not being used (active color palette)

  • New palette color editor

    • next release will allow you to custom name

Early Preview Features:

  • Yarn DB (colors only this release)

  • Amalgamation (copy cloth region to warp)

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed turn draft for differing shaft/treadle counts

  • Fixed twa (TempoWeave Archive) structure to allow renaming of .twa files

  • Fixed bug in liftplan that caused newly added shafts to not work

  • Fixed palette RGB values shown on hover

  • Fixed many smaller bugs not listed here

2.1.6 update released

  • Initial release of Double-Cloth settings and visualization. More information coming soon to documentation.

  • Early support for Double-Weave added - new support and visualizations being added in next release

  • Corrected disabled Project dialog

  • Project Sizing information in Project Dialog updated. Many more options will be added here in next release.

  • Updated Winding Plan to include cumulative ends. Clarified column headings.

  • Can now press DEL key in Section Assembly to delete a section

2.0.5 update released

  • Winding Plan now shows color pairs.

  • Added thread count in status area when selecting a region.

  • Updated winding plant to show double color Color-Distance match algorithm in winding plan.

  • Project Sizing information in Project Dialog.

1.8.0 update released

Added Point Draw option. Added new feature called Warp Spreader. Changes to palette colors are now synced with use of those colors in Section Assembly. 1.7.6 update released: Menu's slightly rearranged. New warp mirror option on Design Repeat. New winding plan option with color repeats under Project menu.‌

1.6.8 update released

Updated section assembly. Now includes include weft color assembly to complete the basic section assembly feature.

1.6.7 update released

Updated section assembly. Added default Order to warp, weft and warp color. Closed the section assembly panel on program launch which was accidentally left open in 1.6.6. The next update will include weft color assembly to complete the section assembly feature.

1.6.6 update released

There has been some confusion regarding the previous release of TempoWeave. The latest 1.6.6 release of TempoWeave should install and run as either 32bit or 64bit depending on what your computer support. This release also contains updates for Section Assembly and Warp Color assembly. Weft color is coming next along with some videos on how to use it!