My Yarns

Create your own yarns and palettes

All the functions from the supplied Yarn Catalog for certain commercially available yarns are also extended to personal yarns and color palettes that the weaver can maintain.

The My Yarns section is available at the bottom of Yarn Catalog on the Tools Menu:

My Yarns can be populated by adding entries "manually" by creating categories and color entries. In addition My Yarns can be populated by copying selected colors from the TempoWeave deployed Yarn Catalog for commercial yarns.

It is very important that you SAVE your My Yarns catalog after adding or changing entries, otherwise your updates will not be available the next time you launch TempoWeave.

There is also a function to export your My Yarns catalog and import for use on another computer. Your My Yarns catalog is preserved on your computer when TempoWeave updates.

See the following entries for more information on MyYarns:

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