Upcoming Feature Roadmap
Features currently being prioritized (strike through items are finished)
    Profile Drafts and Block Substitution
    Project Planning - support for planned repeats in warp and weft that are not included in the WIF, but are included in planned yardage, heddle counts, etc. Also, support for visualization in cloth view and cloth sim with the planned repeats.
    Support for 2-shuttle weaves on fold double cloth
    Name Drafting (Code drafting)
    Selection areas do not stay selected when scrolling (work around, use select special and indicate ending thread)
    Cut and Paste picture into a tie-up
    Cut and Paste picture into a lift plan
    Improved Print options (treadling, threading, project information)
    Support for variegated yarns with ability to create your own and save in MyYarn catalog. Variegation will show in Cloth
    Support for skipped denting and varying picks per inch (cram and dent)
    Thumbnail views of drafts while browsing
    Ability to select marked sections from one WIF into another
    Ability to select from common weaves to populate threading, tie-up and treadling
    Visualization for integrated double weave in cloth view and cloth sim
    Visualization for deflected threads in cloth view and cloth sim
    Telescoping and Digitizing of Design Lines for Network Drafting
    Warp Winding Plan - add recognition for patterns of 3 and 4 colors.
    Warp Winding Plan - feature to break winding plan into multiple warp chains
    Loom Driver Support Louet loom driver support is currently in testing and will be released soon.
    Add tabby - support for add tabby in selected area instead of entire weft
    Add tabby - support for pattern for tabby (not always every other).
    Remove tabby - permanently and also for visualization only
    Mathematically derived design lines from specified inflection points
    Merge two structures (copy one section of warp or weft and merge, according to weaver's specifications, into a structure
    Treadle Reducer
    Treadle Expander - eliminate multi-pedal treadling when you have extra treadles
    Fabric Analysis (ability to design in the drawdown, only vary the tieup)
    Support Swedish drawdown view
    Support for opening with last window size
    Identify skipped threads in warp or weft
    Print support for section assembly threading, treadling
    Sectional Warping Printout for color sequences
    Project Writeup to be included in the TempoWeave design that allows rich text, pictures, etc. that can be retained with the design and printed.
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