Adding Yarns to My Yarns

Click the tab at the bottom of the yarn catalog for My Yarns.

If you have never added any entries to My Yarns, your screen will be blank as shown above.

Yarns are arranged by Categories. Categories can be used to group a yarn line, a certain color palette, etc. You can put all your yarns in one category or create multiple categories. Within a category, you add color entires.

To add a new yarn category click the New Yarn Category icon at the top of the panel.

After clicking to add a new Yarn Category, the name defaults to "Category". Double click to update the following fields:

  • Name - change to something meaningful to you.

  • Order - you can leave as 0 and TempoWeave will maintain an order for sequencing this category, or if you want to force a category to appear before or below another, a number can be used for sequencing.

  • Color - no need to enter a value for the category.

  • Yards / Lb - optional.

Click Update to save your changes to the category name.

Select the category by clicking on the category line followed by clicking the Add Yarn - Color icon. This icon can be clicked multiple times to add several blank color entries.

Notice the ">" symbol beside the category below. Click to expand to reveal color entires within that category.

Double click on a color entry to enter the editing screen as shown below.

There are several ways to enter the color.

The RGB value can be directly typed if you have that information. In the screen below, 100,200,200 has been entered as the RGB value and that color automatically appears. (See note below on caution with the 4th entry).

Another way to select a color is to click the down arrow at the right of the color box.

One of the colors can be selected from the Theme Colors, or More Colors can be clicked to give more selections.

Clicking more colors gives more control over selecting the hue, saturation and luminance. It is recommended that the opacity remain at 0 so that your WIF will show properly in other weaving programs. Most weaving programs support the three values for Red, Green and Blue.

Another way to add a color to MyYarns is to add it from a picture. Open a picture of the yarn, resize your TempoWeave window so that you can see both your picture and the TempoWeave application at the same time.

Click on the color area in MyYarns for the color you want to add or modify, then press Shift-Left Click. At this point, you'll see a magnifying glass icon.

Drag the magnifying glass over to your picture and hover over the pixels to get the closest representation of the color. Look at the selected color in the upper right corner of the magnifying glass as shown below. IN this example, the selected color RGB value is 38,83,110 and that representation is shown with the little dot of color on the magnifying glass. Click to select and the selected color will now be colored according to your selection.

The Order Field is automatically assigned by TempoWeave based on the sequence that you add categories and names. If you want to customize the sequence, simply change the numbers to reorder.

TempoWeave will reassign the numbers upon pressing refresh or reopening the program to allow more spaces to insert colors or categories in the middle of the lists.

Yards per pound is optional and not used for calculations at this time.

Be certain to save your changes to My Yarns!

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