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The Export Function allows the building of an export for TempoTreadle that prepares a compliant design and the associated cached files that allow for fast loading of a project into TempoWeave.

A special version of the WIF file is prepared that strips out any comments (comments over 32 characters cause an issue in TempoTreadle), checks for file names that are too long or have invalid characters and verifies that the number of warp ends and picks are not beyond the maximum number. Certain information that TempoTreadle does not need is also stripped out of the WIF for faster loading. The name of the WIF has an appended "_tt" to avoid any confusion with the original WIF file that is stored on your computer.

The Export function allows the selection of the Drive letter for your micro-sd card, then the creation and copy of the files for TempoWeave are written to the micro-sd card.

The following screen screen options are shown for the Export.

Browse to Select: Click to select the USB drive from on your PC. Be sure to have the USB adapter with the micro-sd card inserted before clicking Browse to Select.

The Export Folder defaults to the location of the WIF on the PC being prepared for Export.

The WIF name is the same as the currently loaded WIF, with the addition of "_tt" after the draft name.

Include Draw Down Image is checked on by default. This prepares a small thumbnail image of the draft that will be shown as an option to view on the TempoTreadle home screen.

Include Load Cache is checked on by default. This prepares the file for a quick load on the project WIF file.

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