Raddle Sley Selection and Calculator

If using a raddle with smaller divisions of space, you may find this calculator helpful to find a pattern to spread the warp such that the warp is spread to the project's weaving width.

This function is very similar to the Reed Sley Selection and Calculator. The dents per inch or centimeter may be selected for the raddle.

If the drop down is selected beside the Raddle field, a list of sley patterns is presented for either the LoftyFiber 4-dents per inch raddle (if "in" is selected) or the Louet built-in raddle (if "cm" is selected.

In the above example, a sley pattern of 6-6-6-8 is selected using the LoftyFiber raddle. If clicked, this pattern and raddle selection will be saved with the project wif.

When using a raddle to warp back to front, it's important not to split threading groups. Be sure to put a muliple of the threading groups in each dent when determining the spread. For example, if you wound your warp with two threads at a time, always use 2 or a multiple of two in each dent to avoid splitting the threading group.

If preparing to weave on a Louet loom using the built-in raddle, put .5 in the raddle dents per centimeter (cm) as shown below.

In the above example, if spreading the warp with a 2-4-2-4-2-4-4 sleying pattern in a Louet reed, the EPI would be 15.97, so very close to 16 epi.

As with the reed sley selection and calculator, the sley pattern can be entered and calculated (by clicking Calculate) to create your own sley patterns instead of using the drop down list to select.

The raddle selection and sley pattern, if used, is saved along with the Project WIF.

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