Managing Color

Selecting and changing colors, managing color palettes

TempoWeave supports for multiple color palettes, including provided palettes for a few popular yarn lines. See Yarn Catalog

Color palettes from the Yarn Catalog will have color names. Default names will be derived automatically if no name is available.

Personal color palettes can be developed and stored in the "My Yarns" area of the yarn catalog.

There are many ways to change color. The most basic function is to click on a color to make it the current Active Color. The current Active Color is shown at the top of the color palette.

Color Palette

With the straight draw tool selected, pulling the cursor across the warp or weft colors will recolor them with the current active color. In the following example, the reddish color has been pulled across the warp threads, recoloring those threads from teal. The drawdown reflect the change. Likewise there is a color bar to the right of the weft threads. The cell surrounded in Yellow marks the current cursor position in the color bar.

Color Bar about Warp Threads

To change a color in the Palette, right click to reveal a screen similar to the following. If the yarn did not come from the database, it will not have a name. You'll notice that a system generated name appears when you hover over the color in the palette, even though it has no name. When right clicking on the color, as shown with the orange color below, you can fill in the color name and optionally assign an name for the yarn line and yards per pound. You can also change the color by either typing the RGB value or clicking the icon to the right.

Color Editor in Palette
Color Editor (clicked to right of color)

Other TempoWeave functions that help manage color design in your project include: