The View Menu
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Show interlacement is checked by default. Without interlacement the drawdown shows color with no shadowing to help the warp and weft colors appear as if they are woven.
By default, the front view (face) of the drawdown shows.
Numeric warp, tie-up and weft choices cause numbers for the shafts and treadles to show instead of black rectangles. At zoom level 7 and lower, the numbers no longer show for warp and weft even if the numeric selection is clicked. Tie-up can no longer show numbers at zoom level 9.
The cursor is a reddish color and marks the current position in the warp, tie-up or treadling for any drawing or paste actions. To make the cursor more visibile, the "blink" option can be selected.
Cloth Sim shows a 3d type view that may be rotated and manipulated to simulate how light will reflect on the woven pattern. See Cloth Sim.
Cloth View shows a flat image of the entire project. See ClothView
The Render Thickness view takes into account thread thickness. Eventually Cloth View and Render Thickness will combined into one view.
Zoom levels can changed on this menu, with the mouse, or by holding the ctrl key down and pressing the key with the plus or minus sign. It is not necessary to also hold down the shift key zoom in and out.
Zoom levels can also be changed by holding down the ctrl key and using the scroll wheel on the mouse while hovering over the drawdown, threading, weft or tie-up area of the screen.
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