Warp Spread

Spreading the design over additional shafts

The Warp Spread function is useful for weavers who have more shafts than are needed for their design and want to avoid moving heddles. This function can be used on a Tie-Up or LiftPlan.

The algorithm works by first asking the shaft that you want to "spread". The "To Shafts" needs to repeat that "from shaft" and any other shafts that are to be used as an "alias" for the from shaft. For example, if you select "From Shaft 1" and "To Shaft 1, 5", the first time a warp thread is encountered on Shaft 1, it will stay there. The next time it will be moved to Shaft 5. This process repeats across the warp threads. In addition, the required tie-up changes are made such that there in no resulting change in the drawdown based on the spreading operation.

This video demonstrates the Warp Spread feature:

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