Plot on Network - Warp

Draw a design line - select an initial

Draw a design line. Often the tool for free draw (Draw Options) allows a curve, or to be drawn in the warp threads. Be sure not to leave any blank warp threads.

Once the design line is drawn, select the icon for Plot on Network - Warp.

The plot on network - warp option allows the selection of a commonly used initial as well as allowing the weaver to enter their own initial. The 1/3 (4-end straight twill) is a very commonly used initial.

The dimensions at the top of this panel change according to the selected initial. The following snapshot shows that the size automatically changed to a 5x5 initial when the 1/4 (5-end straight) chosen for a satin initial.

A custom initial can be entered by specifying the height and width (shown as a 4X7 in the picture below) and clicking into the grid to define your own initial.

One the initial is selected and Plot Warp is clicked, the existing threading will be plotted on the network defined by the initial.

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