Clicking on warp, weft, tie-up and color issues

  • I am clicking in the warp, weft or tie-up region and nothing is happening

    • Click Home and be sure you have a drawing tool selected. The most commonly used is the straight draw tool (looks like two parallel diagonal lines)

  • I don't know how to remove a selected tie-up or weft thread entry

    • Right click on the entry you want to remove

  • If you have trouble clicking into a warp, weft, tie-up or color and getting the correct one to select, try a different zoom level (ctrl+ or ctrl-. Please report this to us as an issue.

My weaving draft has disappeared from the screen

  • When opening more than one weaving draft, a maximized draft can hide any other drafts open in the session. See this document on ways to see all currently open designs: Switching Between Open Weaving Designs

I can't see everything on the screen

Scroll bars for horizontal and vertical scrolling are used to move around in the WIF, whether in the threading, treadling or certain areas such as section assembly or color palettes. If you do not see a scroll bar, maximize the window by clicking the maximize symbol in the upper right corner of the weaving design screen; the scroll bar should then appear.

Some screens have divider lines between sections, such as section assembly. Hover the cursor between the two sections until the cursor changes to a "+", then drag the section in the direction you want to expand or shrink.

The zoom level can also be changed to show more or less on the screen by using cmd + or cmd -.

External Keypad numbers do not seem to work when using Parallels on MacOS.

Press Shift+Clear utton on the key pad enabled numeric entry. See the following knowledgebase entry from Parallels:

Color Catalog Yarn Lines are missing

Follow instructions in the "Perform an Installation Repair"

Perform an installation Repair. You can do this under Windows 10/11 Apps & Features. Just search for TempoWeave and then click the 3 dots shown in the arrow and then Choose Modify.

Note: On Windows 7 or Early versions of Windows 10, this option is found under "Programs and Features"... an example is shown below:

After clicking Modify (or Change), TempoWeave will allow you to Repair. Simply follow on-screen instructions from there.

Issue Reporting

Software bugs may be reported to

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