TempoWeave on the Mac using Parallels

Hints for using TempoWeave using Parallels
TempoWeave runs on the Windows operating system. If you have 8GB or more on your Mac, TempoWeave will run very well in a Parallels session.
Here are some hints for Parallels tuning so that TempoWeave runs quickly.
To see how much memory you have allocated, you must first shut down the Windows session on your Mac if it is open:
On the Mac, select Parallels and Configure:
Under Windows 10 Configuration, set Optimization to No Limit:
If you have at least 8GB of ram, set the memory to 4GB at a minimum. Your number of processors should be set to 2 if you have a quad-core processor.
When Zooming in and out, use the Control Key along with plus and minue; the Command key launches the Windows magnifier.