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Under File Print, there are choices for printing. The most frequently used options are threading and treadling. The project settings for Grid The Winding Plan (Warp Winding Plan) option is also available on the Project menu.

Threading Printout

The Threading printout marks threads in increments according to the Grid Overlay Thread as set in Project Shafts and Treadles The following Threading printout has Grid Overlay Thread set to 10.

The following Threading printout has Grid Overlay Thread set to 4 so that thread numbers are recorded in increments of 4 along with a dividing line.

When selecting the Threading printout, the option to print the path of the file name can be chosen with the check box on Include Page Headers.

Treadling Printout

The Treadling printout has options to include the file path and name (page headers), whether or not to print grids in the printout, and an option to number every weft pick (number every thread).

The treadling printout uses the Grid Overlay settings on the project for both threading and treadling. For example, if you wanted the printout to count threads every 12 picks, a weft overlay setting of "12" would result in a dividing line and count every 12 picks.

The Treadling printout fits one to 3 columns of treadling on each page, based on the number of treadles, or in the case of lift plans, the number of shafts.


The Tie-Up simply prints the tie-up box.


The Drawdown printout reflects the threading, tie-up and treadling that is currently visible. To get all, or more of the drawdown in the printout, use the Zoom function along with the scroll bars to select what is to be printed. It is also helpful to click the auto-hide on the Color Palette prior to printing the drawdown.

Winding Plan

The Winding printing, also accessible from the Projects Menu: Warp Winding Plan is listed last.

Once print is selected, click the Print button on Print Preview (shown below) then select Print to select the from available Printers. At least one of these printers is normally a "Print to PDF" option that is useful for saving or sharing a printout. There are many options shown below, but most are not useful; use of scale or margins may cause part of the graphical output to not be shown.


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