Options to manipulate or generate a Tie-up

The Tie-Up Group has a tie-up icon with drop down options as well as the capability to click a Diagonal icon to generate a tie-up. The options shown under tie-up may also be accessed by selecting a region of the tie-up and using the right-click.

Changing the Tie-Up by Selecting and Right Click

Select a region of the tie-up and right-click for a number of options as shown: clear, change face, invert, reverse, rotate right 90 degrees, rotate right 180 degrees, shift, right, shift left, shift up and shift down. More information is here: Tie-Up Actions

Tie-Up Menu Options

The menu options under the Tie-Up icon apply to the selected area of the tie-up, or if no area is selected, the entire tie-up. These options include clear, change face, invert, reverse, rotate right 90 degrees and rotate right 180 degrees.

Tie-Up Diagonal

This option creates a diagonal line based on the pattern entered in the first treadle. The step defaults to 1 and can be changed; the direction defaults to up (down is not checked).

Any entries on treadles 2 through the end treadle are erased and recalculated when the Diagonal function is used.

For example, the following tie-up shows treadle one with shafts 1,2,4,6 and 8 selected.

Click the Diagonal icon with the selection of 1-step (shown below) and the tie-up will become:

Similarly, if the following selections are made, the resulting tie-up from the original treadle:

This is the result. Notice that the shaft 6 from treadle 1 goes down to shaft 4 on treadle 2, shaft 4 to shaft 2, shaft 2 wraps to shaft 8 and shaft 1 wraps to shaft 7.

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