Tie-Up Diagonal

Generate a Tie-Up from First Treadle

This option allows either a 1-step or 2-step diagonal line to be applied to each selected shaft on Treadle 1 to quickly produce a tie-up.

Any selection options on treadles 2 through the end treadle are erased and recalculated when the Diagonal function is used.

For example, the following tie-up shows treadle one with shafts 1,2,4,6 and 8 selected.

Tie-up With Shaft One Entered

Tie-up Options on Design Tab

Click the Diagonal icon with the selection of 1-step (shown below) and the tie-up will become:

Generated Tie-up with Diagonal Options

Similarly, if the following selections are made, the resulting tie-up from the original treadle:

Tie-up with 2-step Down

This is the result. Notice that the shaft 6 from treadle 1 goes down to shaft 4 on treadle 2, shaft 4 to shaft 2, shaft 2 wraps to shaft 8 and shaft 1 wraps to shaft 7.

Generated Tie-Up