The Window menu option has options to arrange or manage the windows in the TempoWeave application. Each design that is opened will be in a separate window.

The New Window command opens a new blank design window. This is the same as "File | New".

Tile Vertical shows all currently loaded design windows side by side. Each window will have it's separate controls to minimize, maximize or close (X).

Tile Horizontal is the same as Tile Vertical, except that all the currently loaded design windows are displayed horizontally.

Cascade shows a view similar to the following:

Close All will close each design window. For designs that have not been saved since the last change, a prompt will ask if you want to save.

To quickly view open designs and swap between windows, the tool at the upper right, shown below, may be more convenient than using the Windows tool bar. See more information at Switching Between Open Weaving Designs

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