Project Information-Planning-Yarn Requirements

Yarn Reqs (requirements)

This tab allows the weaver to calculate the yardage/meters of the warp and weft required a project. For a breakdown on requirements by color, see the Color Information section.

Length of Warp should be entered as the length of the warp planned. To assist in deciding on the length of warp to wind, you can use the dimensions tab to view the minimum warp length required.

Override Dimensions allow the weaver to set the width in the reed and woven length to a different dimension than reflected in the current wif. This can be useful, for example, if your WIF has warp ends that you plan to repeat 40 times. This way you can have the correct amount of yarn calculated. Similarly, the total length to be woven for the warp can also be entered as an override.

If using Section Assembly on your project, it's usually simplest to use the project planning on the generated WIF, not the master wif with the marked sections.

After making any changes to the warp length and override dimensions, click the "Calculate Yarn Requirements" button for the warp and weft yardage or meters required.

The weft calculation does use the weft take-up percentage entered on the calculation drivers section of the Dimensions tab.

Once the Calculate Yarn Requirements button is clicked, the yardage by color is available on the Color Information tab:

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