Switching Between Open Weaving Designs

An easy way to switch between open designs is to click the small icon in the upper right indicated with the "eye":

When you have multiple drafts open within one instance of TempoWeave, easily switch between them by clicking the down arrow beside the icon

By clicking the icon indicated by the red arrow, all currently open WIF files will be displayed for selection. To switch to another window, simply select with the mouse and click, or use the keyboard arrows and enter.

If a design has not yet been saved, its selection will read "<Untitled>".

It is possible to copy threading, tie-up or treadling from one design to another by selecting and pressing copy in one window and pasting in another.

Other options exist for keeping more than one open draft on the screen at once, such as cascading, tile vertically and tile horizontally. See these options in Window.

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