TempoWeave Defaults and Settings
Settings for TempoWeave

Settings for TempoWeave are stored here.

Default number of shafts and treadles can be set for your most commonly designed weaving designs. This setting can be changed for any design under the Project menu. Note that the default shafts and treadles only impacts new designs created after the setting is changed. To change shafts and treadles on current designs, change as described in Project Shafts and Treadles.

The default mode of designing is to use a Tie-Up. Many design with a tie-up even if they Convert to Lift Plan for a table or dobby loom when the design is complete.

Telemetry is a setting that saves any TempoWeave crashes to assist in troubleshooting. By default, telemetry is enbled.

Version history is on by default. For more information see Design Version History.

The Grid Options allow the weaver to change the grid and "thick" lines for the warp and treadling area.

Grid Options

A grid overlay shaft of 4 and grid overlay thread setting of 10 will cause TempoWeave to show a thick horizontal line every 4 shafts and a thick vertical line every 10 threads in the threading. These numbers can be changed in Settings on the Home tab.

Grid Options for Threading Example

Similarly, the setting of gris overlay shaft 4 and thread 10 causes teh tie-up to have a thick divider line every 4 shafts.

The treadling will show a vertical line every 4 treadles and horizontal line every 10 picks as shown below.

Grid Overlay Example on Tie-up and Treadling

If you prefer not to see a grid overlay, turn it off by unclicking "Show Grid Overlay".

The results will look like this:

Threading and Tie-up Without Grid Overlay