Project Shafts and Treadles

Project Information Settings for Current Design

The current WIF shafts and treadles is set on the first tab of the Project Information selection. The number of shafts and treadles initially defaults to the settings under Home | Settings.

The Multi-Treadle option, if checked, allows for more than one treadle to be pressed at a time. For lift plans, this is always checked. When weaving with a tie-up, if you don't require pressing more than one treadle at a time (such as with a skeleton tie-up), leave the setting unchecked for easier entry of the treadling sequence as the cursor will advance to the next pick after each number is keyed or selection is clicked.

Grid options default to those specified in the default Settings. The spacing of the grids, or to turn them off, can be changed and saved for the project in the following screen. Note that the grid options are shown on the display as well as are used on the Print Options for Threading and Treadling.

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