Convert to Lift Plan

Lift plans are special formats of WIF files used for table and dobby looms. Lift plans do not have a tie-up, but instead indicate which shafts are lifted or lowered on each weft pick. You know that a draft is a liftplan if the tie-up area is blank.

Many weavers design with a tie-up, even if the draft is being planned for a table or dobby loom. When the design is ready, TempoWeave will create a new version of the tie-up draft as a lift plan.

For example, the following draft has a tie-up:

Once Convert to LiftPlan is clicked, the following message is displayed:

TempoWeave now does the translation to a lift plan and prompts the weaver to save the converted draft under a new name. By default, TempoWeave fills in the former draft name appended with a "-LP" for Lift Plan. You should not use the same name for the tie-up and lift plan draft! You can reopen the original version at any time. It's recommended that you keep the convention of adding "LP" for lift plan on your computer's hard drive to avoid confusion between the original draft you have designed and the converted liftplan version of the design.

In this example,the file Napkins.wif has a tie-up and "Convert to LiftPlan" has been selected. TempoWeave suggests the name of the converted file to be "Napkins-LP.wif".

Now the design window has the lift plan version displayed. Notice the tie-up section is not in the lift plan version and the treadling sequence now no longer shows treadles, but the shafts used on each pick.

Your other design file with the tie-up still exists, but it is closed. You can reopen it at any time. Unless you are designing with the lift plan as the primary file, it's recommended that you remember to make any changes to the tie-up version and resave the lift plan whenever needed.

If you are using TempoTreadle on a table loom, you'll must convert any design using a tie-up to a liftplan save on the MicroSD card that goes in your system unit. If you ever open a weaving design on a table loom and see only one lever at a time, think about whether or not that's intended! It's often a mistake and you've forgotten to save the draft as a liftplan.

When working on a draft that either has no tie-up or has a direct tie-up, you can use the Convert to LiftPlan option without being required to save the file first.

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