Huck Weave Block Substitution

Examples of using the Huck Block Substitution options
The templates available for huck include:
  1. 1.
    Huck Full Unit - Lace
    • This selection works well with most profile drafts and does not require that the blocks are in sequential order. Blocks include two half unit lace units of 5-threads each; each block is substituted with 10 warp threads and 10 weft picks. Pattern blocks in the drawdown are replaced with a full huck lace unit as shown below with weft and warp floats.
    • Full Unit of Huck Lace
Full Unit Drawdown (10 threads)
Sample Profile
Generated Result with Full Block Huck
2. Huck Half Unit - Lace in Pattern
  • The half unit lace blocks require the profile blocks to be sequential (move one step up or down at a time). If this block is used with profile draft above (note the jumps between 1 and 3) the cloth will not work. Notice the excessive floats with pattern blocks going from shafts and treadles 3 to 5.
Generated with Incorrect Profile for Half Unit Huck
Profile With 1-Step Moves
Generated Result with Huck Half Unit Lace in Pattern
3. Huck Half Unit - Warp Floats in Pattern
This template only produces warp floats, no weft floats. Example:
Profile Example
Generated Result with Warp Floats