Yarn Catalog

The Yarn Catalog is deployed with several current weaving yarn lines and colors. The Yarn Catalog cannot be updated, however you can copy yarns from the catalog to "My Yarns", as well as generate your own entries and create your own personal collection of yarns and color palettes.

The Yarn Catalog is on the Tool Menu. Yarn lines are indicated in the grey areas and can be expanded by clicking the ">" symbol to show available colors. Also notice that there are two tabs at the bottom: Yarn Lines and My Yarns. You have the option to create your own yarn line entries and colors and save in My Yarns.

If you want to design a project with Euroflax Sport for example, you may want to clear all the current colors from your palette and add either all or selected colors from the Euroflax yarn line. See Clear Palette for information on clearing the current palette.

Adding colors from the Yarn Catalog to the Palette

Add a single color to your palette by selecting the color from the yarn database and clicking the icon highlighted below (the color wheel with the eyedropper). Alternatively, a right click on the color also gives the option to add to the palette.

Several colors can be added at once using standard windows functions, such as selecting the first color in a group, holding the shift key down and selecting the ending color, then clicking add to palette.

Replacing the Color Palette with a Yarn Line from the Yarn Catalog

To add all the colors in a Yarn Line to the palette, such as Brassard Cotton as shown below, right click and select Add Selection to Palette. This will remove the current colors that are not used and add all the colors from the line.

Once the color is copied to the palette, when hovering over the color inside the palette you can see the name and yarn line.

Replacing a Single Color Throughout the WIF from the Yarn Catalog

If you want to replace a single color in your palette with another, do the following:

1) Click the color in the palette that you want to replace.

2) Click the color in the yarn catalog that you want to change to

3) Either click the "Replace Selection in Palette" button or right click and select Replace Selection in Palette:

The replaced color will be updated throughout the WIF, including Section Color Assembly if using.

For example, if you want to replace the first grey in the warp with Charcoal from Brassard Cotton yarn line in the Yarn Catalog, click to select the color that you want to replace in the palette, click to select the color that should be used for the replacement in the Yarn Catalog followed by clicking the icon on the upper right (this option is also availalable with a right click).

When using the Yarn Catalog, yarn lines are indicated in the grey headers and can be expanded or collapes. Click the Name Column to sort the yarn colors by Name; toggling the Name column will alternate between sorting ascending or descending. Likewise click the order column to sort colors by order. The order was assigned in roughly the color wheel order.

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