Replacing the Color Palette

To replace the palette (available colors) with any of the palettes from either the Yarn Catalog or My Yarns, do the following:

1) Clear Palette to remove any unused colors

2) Go to Tools | Yarn Catalog and click on the yarn line to select the palette. You can select Default to restore to the initial palette that is available when you open TempoWeave. In the following screenshot, the Euroflax line is selected (click to select, note the dotted rectangle and the arrow to the left to indicate the selection)

3) Next, either right click and select Add Selection to Palette or click the icon that looks like the multicolored windows above.

You will see a warning to confirm that you want to replace your current palette. Confirm and the palette is replaced.

Any used colors from the prior palette will not be replaced. You can use the feature Color Swap if you want to replace those with a yarn color from the new line.

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