Known Issues


  • There is a bug in the last release in tie-up selection in certain conditions. This is fixed for the next release.

  • Copy and paste in lift plan is not working correctly.

  • Undo doesn't work correctly on some functions, primarily where color is concerned.

  • Shift-Delete correctly leaves the gap open, however Shift-Cut incorrectly loses the gap.

  • Labels for Zoom are incorrect on hover.

  • Echo does not yet work on Weft.

  • Some copy/paste features use the windows clipboard, while others do not. The functions that use the windows clipboard will also allow you to copy from one area to another (e.g. from Warp to Weft or WIF to WIF). In an upcoming release, all copy functions will use the clipboard.

  • If using the Yarn Catalog with a WIF that was created using the PC version of Fiberworks, the yarn catalog colors are showing too dark. Saving the WIF using TempoWeave corrects the issue. This problem doesn't happen to WIFs created with the Mac version of Fiberworks.

  • Printing of treadling is not optimal and only prints with one column.

  • There is not yet a printout of the project planning information.