Warp Amalgamation

The technique of Warp Amalgamation is supported with this simple process. The Warp Amalgamation tool lets you select a section of the drawdown and past it into the warp threading.

Warp Amalgamation

In this example, a 1/7 satin tie-up and a straight draw threading and treadling has been entered as the draft.

With the selection tool, an area has been selected from the drawdown. While dragging, the rectangle is solid green; when the mouse is released, the selected area is shaded green as shown below. Draw from the top down; you are limited to no more rows than there are shafts.

Next, click where you want the warp threads copied or replaced by clicking on any warp end in the warp. You can choose to overwrite existing threading or place the cursor at the end of the warp as shown below. Click the Warp Amalgamation button and the translation overwrites using the selected drawdown area into the warp threads.

Draft after Selecting Copy-to Position and Clicking Warp Amalgamation

The following picture shows the draft after selecting Tromp as Writ: