Create Parallel Lines

The Echo function, found on the Design Tab, takes the current threading and integrates parallel threading(s) creating an echo of the current design line. Color can also be changed for the original pattern line and the generated echoes.

For example, the following design line was drawn using the Free Free draw tool from the home tab:

The following screen shows a selection of Echo-2 (meaning that a single echo will be inserted into the threading, producing 2 parallel lines) and a shift of 4. The original pattern line will be purple and the echo line magenta as shown with the color selections on the right labelled pattern and 2nd Echo. To insert a color, click from the color palette to change the current color then click in the square with the label on the Echo function.

Now click Apply and the following threading results:

Note that the second Echo is always 4 shafts higher than the original pattern line, wrapping if necessary.

Also note that the original colors are always replaced in the warp according to the selection in the Echo function.

Currently the limit for the number of parallel lines is 6 and the shift is 16.

The echo function only works on Warp Threads at this time. Consider using the Turn Draft function if you need to have an echo line in the treadling.

Note that this function can also be used on a design that has been plotted on a network, as described in Marian Stubenitsky's book, Weaving with Echo and Iris.

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