Home Tab

Location of basic editing functions

The home menu houses most of the basic editing functions.

Home Command Options

Home | Undo

Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl-Z

Undo "undoes" the most recent change. If greyed out, there have been no changes to reverse. Note that some changes cannot be backed out using Undo.

Home | Redo

Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl-Y

Reverse the most recent "Undo".

Home | Draw Options

Drawing Tool


Straight Draw - allows drawing in diagonal or straight lines, as well as clicking into individual cells in the warp, weft or tie-up.

Point Draw - click and drag to pointed lines such as those used in point twills.

Free Draw - click and drag. Lines are formed according to mouse movement.

Home | Insert and Remove Thread

Single thread insertion or removal

Select this tool to insert or remove individual warp or weft threads. Insert adds a blank thread prior to the current cursor. Remove acts on the thread at the current cursor.

Home | Select and Select Special

There are two selection tools. The most commonly used is Select; simply click and drag around the area in the warp, tie-up or weft section to select. After selecting, there are various options such as copy and cut to work with the selected threads.

Select and Select Special

Select Special allows you to click and drag to select; when the mouse is released, a box pops up with some options as shown below allowing you to extend the selected rectangle through the end thread, through a selected thread, or select all threads. This option is especially useful when selecting more warp or weft threads than can be seen on the design window without scrolling.

Select Special Options

Home | Insert and Cut

Insert uses the selected rectangle to determine the number of threads to insert immediately before the selected rectangle. Likewise, cut uses the selected rectangle to determine the threads to cut.

Cut and Insert Icons

Home | Copy and Paste

The copy function places the selected threads in a buffer. Once these threads are copied, they can then be pasted to a new location. To select a location, reposition the cursor by clicking into the desired location.

Copy and Paste Icons

Home | Paste Special

Once a selection is made, the paste special icon presents the Design Repeats dialog with the selected from and through thread pre-filled. See the documentation: Design Repeats for more information.