Shafts and Treadles

Shafts and Treadles are set for the project as well as the default for all new projects.

The Default Settings specifies the initial shafts and treadles for a NEW weaving design. The shafts and treadles can always be modified under the "This Project Only" settings.

If you choose to design in Lift Plan mode as a default, new weaving designs will be opened without a tie-up. Note that TempoWeave does not currently support generating a tie-up from a lift plan, so if you generate your design as a lift plan you cannot convert it to a tie-up.

Many weavers needing lift plans will design with a tie-up, then use the Tools option to convert to a lift plan.

The Multi-Pedal treadle for "This Project Only" allows you to add more than one treadle on a pick for the weft picks. Unless you intend to do multi-pedal treadling, it's best to leave this option off as it saves time when making corrections to the weft picks.